Strategic Direction

Maine AEYC Strategic Direction

November 2016

Goal 1 – High Quality Learning: Children birth through age 8 have equitable access to developmentally appropriate, high-quality early learning

  1. MaineAEYC promotes accreditation and Maine’s rating & improvement system to build quality across early learning settings
  2. State policies reflect comprehensive approaches to providing equitable access to high-quality early learning with particular focus on children living in poverty, multi-lingual children and those with disabilities.
  3. MaineAEYC recognizes national accreditation as a mark of quality as well as QRS Levels 1-4 and childcare settings engaged in best practice.

Goal 2 – The Profession: The early childhood education profession exemplifies excellence and is recognized as vital and performing a critical role in society.

  1. Professional preparation and development for birth through age 8 educators is aligned and grounded in NAEYC’s standards and delivered in innovative ways.
  2. Professional Development and preparation systems support seamless progression for early care and education professionals to advance their education, professional learning and careers.

Goal 3 –  Organizational Advancement: Maine AEYC is a highly valued, credible and visible organization.

  1. Young and diverse early educators are drawn to the value Maine AEYC and NAEYC presents in its membership benefits
  2. Overall membership engagement and satisfaction increases across the state.

Goal 4 –  Organizational Excellence: Maine AEYC reflects excellence in all aspects of organizational health.

  1. Board members, partners & staff report a shared understanding and accountability for a high-performing, inclusive organization, including an understanding of the mission, vision and values.
  2. Members, customers, and staff report Maine AEYC’s information and communication technology systems are reliable, user-friendly, support their work effectively, and meet their needs.

Goal 5 – Leadership & Innovation: Maine AEYC cultivates leadership and incubates innovative strategies that propel the field, profession, and systems of learning.

  1. Maine AEYC serves as a catalyst and consensus builder for complex and controversial issues to generate new knowledge and understanding
  2. Maine AEYC is a reliable and productive collaborator and partner