2015 Fall: Meeting Standards Through Play

2015 Fall Conference: Meeting Standards Through Play
Saturday, October 3rd, 9:00AM-3:00PM at Bowdoin College, Brunswick

New Standards!!?? Whatever happened to play??!!Sue Reed, Maine Department of Education Early Childhood Consultant, introduced us to the new Maine Early Learning Development Standards and Martha Eshoo, Ed.M, Instructor of Human Development, Arts and Sciences, Wheelock College, examined the importance of play in learning (and meeting standards!)Participants were able to network, share play policies, and tour the Bowdoin College Children’s Center during lunch.

Afternoon sessions focused on exploring play, learning, and standards in the following domains: literacy, science and math, physical and health, creative arts, social and emotional, and 2015 confdisabilities.

A glimpse into the science break out session with snake skin, turkey foot, antler and bird’s nest.