4 Seasons Preschool and Childcare

4 Seasons Preschool and Childcare is a full-day year round preschool program in Gorham, ME, accredited by the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC) and also a Step 4 on the Quality Rating System in the State of Maine.

Offering a learning environment for children that supports developing healthy lifestyle habits is important to Rebecca and a large part of her program. 4 Seasons Preschool and Childcare program is currently recognized as a Gold Site for 5210, Let’s Go and Rebecca has been awarded 2 grants from opportunity Alliance to buy garden supplies and a composter to expand the school’s garden. She also participates in the national Farm to School network.

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“We have a school garden where the children take an active role in planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting the vegetables.  We have donated surplus vegetables to the Gorham Food Pantry in the past season.”

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For 6 years, Rebecca has used the children’s experiences with the gardens to bridge a connection from school to home. Recently it has been by providing the children with vegetables and recipes from the Early Sprouts Cookbook for families to make together at home.  

“The children love to try new recipes and eat the vegetables from our school garden.”

Rebecca has taken trainings from Early Sprouts Institute at Keene State College, NH, a program that supports early childhood educators providing trainings and resources around healthy foods and active play in young children. Rebecca was recently part of a pilot program: “Getting Started in Farm to Preschool”. This pilot tested and reviewed a new 3 module online training introducing early childhood educators to “Farm to Preschool” and preparing them to take steps toward procuring and utilizing local foods in child care settings. Those participating in the pilot responded to training topics including: Overview of Farm to Preschool, Procuring Local Foods, and Utilizing Local Foods.
We applaud Rebecca Yahm’s commitment to provide her students with a remarkable hands-on learning experience that encompasses so many facets of development and will surely resonate with their learning for years to come.