Webinar: Stepping Into the Outdoor Classroom

Check out this fantastic webinar on March 29th at 6:00 p.m.

Stepping Into the Outdoor Classroom
We will explore the journey Unity Sprouts is taking to expand our nature based program. We started with a summer outdoor program and we have expanded to a full day, full year program. We have brought nature into our classrooms and moved most of the classroom routine to the outdoor setting. I will share tips, lessons learned, successes and challenges we are working on.
Jill Barnes, Lead teacher/Site Supervisor, Unity Sprouts
I have worked for Broadreach Family & Community Services for 16 years.
I have had many roles as Lead Teacher, Mentor Teacher, Numeracy Coach and Site Supervisor.
Two summers ago, I had the pleasure of piloting our first Unity Sprouts nature based classroom. I grew up on a family dairy farm and as a child spent most of my time outdoors. I love to garden and have large vegetable and flower gardens. Register at this link: