June Webinar: Teaching STEM Through Fairy Tales

Please join Heather Marden for our June Webinar, “Teaching STEM Through Fairy Tales on June 28th at 7:00 p.m. “Teaching STEM Through Fairy Tales” provides examples and learning goals of activities educators can use in their settings providing a collaboration of storytelling and innovation.  A number of activities will be shown that pertain to popular fairy tales such as “The Three Little Pigs And The Big, Bad Wolf,” “Cinderella,” and others.  The concepts of S.T.E.M. will be discussed and how we can help solve problems that arise in these familiar stories.
Heather Marden teaches a 4-year old preschool program during the school year at Birchwood Day Nursery School as well as teaches the Afterschool Program in the summer months.  She is the Committee Chair of MaineAEYC’s Membership Committee and Co-Chair of the Public Policy Committee.  Heather earned her bachelor’s degree from University of Maine Farmington in Psychology.  She has been teaching in Early Childhood for 15 years.  She loves to find fun and creative ways for children to partake in learning that fosters their natural curiosity.
You can register at the following link:
We hope you’ll join us!