April 8th Conference Accepting Breakout Session Proposals!

MaineAEYC’s Spring 2017 Conference: Storytelling Through Music, Movement and Play will start the day off with our Keynote Speaker, Catherine Anderson of Portland Ovations.  This full day of exploring storytelling and how to bring it into our programs to benefit our children/students will continue with a variety of interactive afternoon breakout sessions.

Objectives for this conference:

~ how the performing arts bring stories to life and facilitate

understanding of other peoples, cultures, and places,

~ how storytelling helps children meet Maine’s Early Learning and

Development Standards,

~ how we guide children in telling, listening to, and engaging with stories,

~ how educators can promote and enhance storytelling in their

programs and classrooms.

MaineAEYC’s Professional Development Committee is accepting proposals for the interactive breakout sessions. Each 2 hr interactive session will include time for educators of birth – 8 year olds to talk and share, and time for some volunteers to join in the act.

Please submit your proposal by February 10, 2017 by using this linked Google form.

Please contact Cyndi Hutchison, cehutch2@yahoo.com, with any questions.


January’s Free Webinar: Speech Language Pathologists, Cathy Janelle and Carrie Chojnowski

Working with young children, we know that they come down with multiple colds during the year, especially during the winter months. Are we aware of  the impact on their hearing?

As part of MaineAEYC’s free monthly live webinars, on Jan. 12, 2017 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Cathy Janelle and Carrie Chojnowski, Listening and Spoken Language Specialist/Auditory-Verbal Therapists, will discuss what happens to a child’s hearing when he/she is suffering from a cold that causes fluid build-up in the middle ear.

Participants will learn about symptoms of Otitis Media (middle ear fluid), the long term effects that chronic otitis media has on young children’s language and academic development as well as common classroom solutions to help individual children on a daily basis.

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fullsizerenderCarrie Chojnowski, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS, Cert. AVT, has 18 years of experience serving young children, families, and adults with hearing loss. After getting her Masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in Boston, she worked at Clarke School East in Canton, MA for three years. She returned to Maine in 2003 and has been working at Hear Me Now! since. Carrie has been certified as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist/Auditory-Verbal Therapist since 2006. She guides and coaches parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers with hearing loss, and provides direct therapy to children and adults learning to listen and speak with hearing aids and cochlear implants. Carrie also provides consultative services to public school speech-language pathologists and preschool/classroom teachers who service children with hearing loss who are learning to listen and speak.  Carrie lives in  Windham and loves to spend time with her husband and two boys Evan (7) and Jack (5).

Cathy Janelle, MS, CCC/SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT, has nearly 20 years of experience serving young children and families with hearing loss. After graduating from the University of Maine’s Communication Disorders program, she worked as a public school speech clinician for several years. Later, she coordinated special services for children at Head Start centers in rural Alaska. She obtained a Master’s degree at University of Oregon’s Communication Disorders & Sciences program where she trained with pioneer in early intervention, Dr. Diane Bricker. Cathy returned to Maine in 1996 to provide early intervention speech-language services for Child Development Services- Cumberland for four years. Currently, she works with children birth age to seven and their families and provides consultative services to public school speech language pathologists and classroom teachers.  Additionally, Cathy is certified as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist/Certified Auditory-Verbal therapist through Alexander Graham Bell Association and holds a certificate in Auditory Learning for Young Children with Hearing Loss via distance education from University of North Carolina.

The Listening and Spoken Language approach to language development relies heavily on a parent coaching model. Therefore, Cathy has a rich background in the coaching families within the natural environment. In recent years, Cathy has teamed closely with Child Development Services where she completed the Coaching and Routines Based Intervention trainings both in Waterville and Bangor with Dathan Rush and Robin McWilliams.  Additionally she completed the RBI training in Lewiston with Roy Fowler. Cathy has worked with the team at Project Peds in Waterville on their Early Intervention Team, participating in weekly Early Intervention Team meetings and as a PSP for a child with hearing loss in the area. Cathy has several years experience providing Part C services through Tele Intervention to children and families in Maine.  Service provision through tele practice offers an alternative to in-home visits when the weather is poor, when a family member is ill and when the family lives too remotely to access services from a qualified provider. Teletherapy can be used in conjunction with in-home visits at a level determined by the IFSP team.

Executive Director Wanted!

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-12-48-21-pmDo you have a passion for the field of Early Childhood Education? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of young children, their families, and child care professionals in Maine?

MaineAEYC is seeking an Executive Director   
The Executive Director will be the key management leader for MaineAEYC. Responsibilities will include overseeing administration, programs, mission and vision of the organization. Other duties include fundraising, grant writing, marketing, community outreach, and advocacy work. This is a part time, contract position. A bachelor’s degree and knowledge of the early childhood field is required (Master’s degree preferred).

Please send cover letter, resume and three references to meaeyc@gmail.com.

Application materials will be accepted through Friday December 30th

Welcome New Board Members!

December’s Free Webinar: DIRFloor Time with Sandy Doctoroff

Sandi Doctoroff will discuss DIRFloor Time, as part of MaineAEYC’s free monthly webinars live on Dec. 13, 2016 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

sandydoctoroff-11-28-16Sandy Doctoroff has worked in the special education field for over 40 years providing direct services to children and families in varied settings and teaching and supervising undergraduate and graduate students. She moved to Maine in 1998 to take a position as a faculty member at the University of Maine and was affiliated with the University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies for 16 years. Prior to moving to Maine she was on the faculty of the University of Nevada, Reno and the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. She received her Ph.D. in Special Education from Vanderbilt University in 1991 after working for a number of years as a Special Education teacher and Early Interventionist in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas.

In 2014 she retired from the University of Maine and started up Play Partners Maine (PPM) an independent private practice specializing in family-centered, relationship-based services for children up to age 12 with developmental and learning challenges that incorporates the DIRFloortime® model and other complementary methods. PPM offers Floortime™ play therapy sessions, coaching and consultation, and facilitated play dates and play groups to help families promote their child’s learning and growth, foster warm and attuned relationships, and address behavioral challenges and other issues that affect day to day life. PPM also offers in-service training, coaching, and consultation services to schools, agencies, and other organizations that provide services to children and families.

Dr. Doctoroff is certified in the DIRFloortime® model as an Expert Provider/Training Leader (the highest level of certification awarded through the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning/ICDL) and teaches courses for ICDL to train other practitioners in the model. In addition to expertise in DIRFloortime® she has knowledge and experience in a variety of areas of practice including social skills interventions, communication/language intervention models, applied behavior analysis, sensory integration, universal design for learning, visual supports, and other methods of supporting learning and adapting home and school environments to meet children’s individual needs. She enjoys spending her leisure time trying out new recipes, reading, dabbling in the arts, going to the movies with friends, and exploring the nooks and crannies of Maine and beyond.

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November’s Free Webinar: Early Intervention for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child

Corri O’Brion Saunders will discuss Agency Collaboration in Early Intervention for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, as part of MaineAEYC’s free monthly webinars live on Nov. 30, 2016 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

This webinar will explain how our state provides a unique process of early intervention for children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.   The Joint Committee on Infant Hearing has established goals that all infants will have their hearing screened by one month, infants who refer on the screening will have a comprehensive audiological evaluation by three months and infants with a diagnosed hearing loss will receive early intervention services by six months of age.  The Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is using a process to help families understand their child’s hearing levels and the resources needed to reach their language outcomes, regardless of modality.

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-11-36-39-amCorri O’Brion Saunders is a Teacher of the Deaf and Early Childhood Special Educator for Early Childhood and Family Services, at the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  She works throughout Maine as an outreach specialist for families of children birth to 5 who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Corri runs a parent infant toddler playgroup for families of children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  She works closely with the state’s early intervention teams to support children and families.

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It’s Time for the 2017 MaineAEYC Election!

MaineAEYC Free Monthly Webinar: Early Start Maine

2016 Fall Conference Wrap-up

A nice Fall day welcomed the participants to the 2016 Fall Conference onto Bowdoin Campus. From registration sign-in to evaluations turned in there were many opportunities to network and expand our knowledge around engaging children and families in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Janna Doherty, from Boston’s Museum of Science got the hands-on learning started with a simple, fun experiment that involved milk, food coloring and dish soap……..


The workshop breakout sessions engaged us in many hands-on activities and shared many resources. (We’ll be posting resource links provided to us in Past Conferences.)


We ended what was already a full day of learning with some STEAM activity tables and tours of the Children’s Center at Bowdoin College.


Thank you to our sponsors and vendors for their support.